5 Hindu gods that everyone should know before visiting India

  1. Yama (Yamraj): According to the Hindu Mythology, Yamraj is the god of death and is the judge of good and bad deeds of all the living beings. Fourteen yama names are remembered i.e., Yama, Dharmaraj, Death, Antak, Vaivaswat, Kaal, Sarvabatil, Kshya, Uddumar, Daghna, Neel, Parmeshthi, Vrakodar, Chitra and Chitragupta. All of the religions in India have faith in Lord Yamraj.


  1. Lord Indra: He is known as king of the Gods as he has the authority over sky to rain and thunderbolt. In appearance, he is characterized as a man with four longer arms riding a white elephant. Most of the farmers pray to him for rain. With thunderbolts in one of his hands, Indra is known to be a great warrior.

Lord Indra

  1. Lord Buddha: He is known as the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu but for some reasons Buddhists does not agree from the fact. Siddhartha is the real name of Budhha and another name is the Enlightened one was born nearly 400 BCE in the Nepal. He’s always in search of knowledge and deeper meanings of life and finally devoted himself to the meditation.


  1. Lord Brahma: Brahma is the first god of Trimurti that consists of three gods responsible for the Creation, Upkeep and Destruction of the world, other two are Vishnu and Shiva. Where Vishnu is the preserver of Earth, Shiva does the destruction to re-create. Brahma has four heads, four arms with beard. Brahma is worshipped only in three temples in India – one in Pushkar, another in Khokhan and third in Khebabrahma in Kerela.

Lord Brahma

  1. Lord Shiva: It is believed that the Lord Hanuman is the eleventh avatar of Lord Shiva who is known for his devotion to Lord Rama. Ravana is the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva. There’s a trishul in the hands of Lord Shiva with 3 arrows that depicts the unity of three worlds.

Lord shiva


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