7 Delicious and Healthy recipes to be Made without Gas Cooking


Delicious and wonderful dishes are all liked. Everyone wants that they get delicious and gourmet food, but often it happens that due to lack of gas, we are unable to make all those diets. If that is the case then you do not have to worry too much because many dishes are ready even without the help of fire and gas. You can eat them by making them according to your wishes whenever you want them, and they can also use their guests and friends who come to your home. Today we have brought you some delicious and delicious dishes that you can easily make without the help of gas. They do not take much time in creating and all of them also like. If anybody comes to your house or you have a mood to eat something different then do not think much of your choice of dishes from the list below and make yourself happy by making it yourself.

  1. Fruit Chat: The taste of fruit chutney is tart and spicy. Very spicy masala and chutney are added in it which is very tasty and everyone consumes it with hobbies. Fruit licking is most famous in the summer season. If you go anywhere in the summer you will get fruit licking everywhere and the number of people who eat it will also be very much. The most special feature of Fruit Chat is that it contains all the nutritious fruits that are beneficial for the health. This gives strength to our body and benefits too.


  1. Veg sandwich is one of the tasty and quick 5 minute recipes. You can feed everyone by making it easy when you want it. Wade Sandwich in the morning by packing them in Tiffin, they will eat it with great passion and will also demand you again. Sandwich making is easy and too much work is ready in time. It’s just fun to eat with tomato sauce, chili sauce and chutney. Waze Sandwich Everyone likes.


  1. Masala Chana Dal Recipe: Add the spices, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, lemon etc. to the gram dal that is prepared by mixing the masala gram dal. Its flavor is very spicy and spicy. This makes your mouth taste very intriguing. Whenever you want to make it, you can consume it and if you want it, then you can feed it. Masala gram lentils all like.

masala chana

  1. Pudina Chutney: The taste of peppermint chutney is slightly tart and peppermint spices. While making it, its fragrance spreads far and wide, so that everyone gets water in the mouth. Whenever your house becomes Dhokla, Sandwich, Bhel Pure, Dosa, Pakora etc. you can make delicious Mint Chutney in just 10 minutes. Mint chutney is also called mint chutney. It is very easy to create it. The more fresh and green mint leaves; the more tasty mint chutney is made.

pudina chutney

  1. Bhel Puri: The taste of Bhel is sour, sweet and spicy. This is the taste that makes everyone a fan of Bhel Puri. There is hardly anybody who does not like the taste of bhel. Bhel is famous all over the place. Whether there is a small function or birthday party in your house, you make the bhel for the children; they will eat it with a big flavor and will also demand you again. This is the easiest and tasty breakfast you can make whenever you want. It all liked it very much.


  1. Salad is a favorite of all. It is nutritious even with delicious. All of them do the survey with their food, but many people consume only salad to do their best. It is very beneficial for our health. It contains a lot of nutritious vegetables and other ingredients that make it delicious with nutritious and all like it.


  1. Sweet sandwiches are very tasty. With the help of sugar, cream and other dry fruits you can prepare this delicious sandwich and feed it to everyone. Everyone likes this sweet and fragrant taste. It is flavored in food. Children like sweet sandwich the most.


If you are hungry at the time of the evening or the kids are demanding something new and different, then you can quickly make the chicken chutney of peas. Its tasty and flavorful taste tastes like everyone. It is made with good spices and other ingredients, without the help of gas. You can feed it to everyone by making it so easily out there.


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