In the family, there is often a rift or tension between members about something or the other. In normal conditions, the tension ends in some time, but sometimes the conditions remain bad for a long time. Do not get upset if your home environment also remains stressful and the family members remain tense. There are times when you may need to pay attention to the Vastu of your home. Many times there is a dispute between family members due to Vastu defects in the house. To maintain peace at home you can do some such Vastu Tips, which will keep peace in the house and family members laugh with each other.

Let’s know about some such Vastu tips-

  • Ganesha will welfare everyone

Put a Ganesha idol in the living room of the house or in a place where everyone is in sight. This brings positivity in the house and enhances the feeling of love between the family members.

  • Wear Pearl Ring

If for some reason you can wear a pearl ring in the ring finger. Pearl gives peace to the mind and removes anger. When you wear it, you will be able to apply mentally relaxed. But if you want to get the full benefit of wearing a pearl ring, and then after wearing it according to the law. There is some of the special act of wearing a ring, that is, it is worn on some of the auspicious date. It is better to consult from an astrology expert wearing a ring according by seeing your kundali.

  • Do not work between men’s in the house

If there is tension between two men in the family, for example, father-son relationship is not good, and then you should plant a branch of Kandamb tree in the house. Applying it at home will going to increases the flow of the house and helps in reducing stress.

  • Change water direction

If there is a fight due to financial problems in the house then you should think about changing the direction of water. If the water is in the right direction, then it also gets rid of debt and there will be no shortage of money and grains in the house. To make the house a vast property, keep the vessel of water in the north direction.

  • If your mother-in-law is under stress, do so 

It is very common for a mother-in-law to have a quarrel in the house with her daughter-in-law, but everyday quarrels can spoil the peace of the house. To make a good relationship with your in-laws, keep in mind that both of you do not wear red cloth together. Women often wear red colored sarees on worship or auspicious occasion. On this occasion, note that if the mother-in-law is wearing a red saree, then you should wear another saree.



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