Daily skincare regime for Men

day and night skin care routine

Due to various factors like testosterone or shaving, due to various factors like men’s skin it is very different than women, so they require special skincare routines for themselves, which are simple but effective. According to all types of skin, Knowledge Main range provides a complete solution for men’s unique skin care needs. It has Bob Anti-Aging Technology which gives energy to the skin and it fights with various symptoms of Aging. It provides 24-hour hydration, which gives flexibility, tone and smooth skin with fewer wrinkles.

The team of 42 scientists has presented this complete solution according to the skin of men after several hours of hard work. It involved testing and evaluating more than 300 male products. Regarding Knowledge Main Range, Naveen Anand, senior director of Oriflame, said that men’s skin is completely different from women’s skin and it is a different need. Keeping this in mind, we have specially designed a range of care for men, which will make it easier for men to maintain the softness of their skin for a long time. Before starting your skincare routine, know your skin type.

Tips for Men’s Skincare:

  1. Cleanse: This is the most important step in your cleansing part but usually we all ignore it and that’s not done. To get clear skin, cleansing is required. Make sure you wash your face and not making it dry that excesses the ageing part.
  2. Scrub: Exfoliate your face to deeply remove any type of extra dirt and grime. Read out all the instructions written on product. Wash your skin with warm water to get rid off any oil. Take some amount of scrub on your fingertips and massage on skin gently in circular motions. Don’t sue it near eye area.
  3. Rinse it off and dry with a towel.
  4. Moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer or oil to prevent over production of natural face oil to keep it healthy.
  5. Men’s face cream and eye creams are bit different accordingly.

Additional tip: Use SPF regularly, it’s a safe bet.


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