Nobody really likes the act of moving. It can be nerve wracking, exhausting and overwhelming, with so much to do in one day. But, reviewing a checklist of things to do when you move into your new home will make the enormous task of moving so much easier for you.

So, let’s go through the list while moving:

  1. Firstly, clean up all your space before moving all the stuff to your new home. As once the packers and movers unload all of your items into the new home, it becomes tempting to start arrange everything immediately. After all, we know you will also want to just relax and finally reward yourself after doing such a hard work.
  2. Before unpacking all of your moving boxes, it takes time to clean your new space first. All of your cleaning materials should be handy in order to get the job done easier. Start by sweeping and mopping the floors, wiping the windows and dusting every area in the house. By this it will become hygienic from the beginning.
  3. Carefully arrange your furniture and other items. We know that the pieces of furniture in your home are the most important investments made. You saved a lot of money to buy all of these pieces. If you want to make your investment while making your home look good, carefully arrange your furniture after moving.Sometimes it depends on the size of your new home, you can choose to place your furniture near the walls also you can do it in the middle of the room. Since you’re the homeowner, you have full liberty of arranging your furniture whichever you like it. But regardless of the style or the design you want to achieve, you should make sure that your arrangement encourages movement of the house.
  4. make sure to change the locks. You may have no idea how many strangers could have keys to your new home. So, call a locksmith pronto and get those locks changed. If your door is missing a deadbolt it can also be done by locksmith and can be installed by him that, too. This is a good time to change all the locks to work with a single key.
  5. Plug in Refrigerator, make sure that all of the appliances are plugged in and working. Many people while moving out unplug a refrigerator and turn it off. If you haven’t gone grocery shopping yet, you would not even know the refrigerator was not working unless you check. Check the ice dispenser is working as well as sometimes it can become problem too.
  6. Make sure to establish sleeping arrangements. Don’t wait until the midnight to figure out that all the movers has left and you can’t find the screws to set up your bed. Or you don’t have any pillows or bedding. The first piece of furniture to be set up should always be the beds.
  7. Most people pack an overnight bag that contains all of the necessary stuff you will need upon at the time of retiring and rising such as toothpaste, brushes, contact lenses and medications, etc.


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