What should be in your daily diet meal plan?

healthy food plate

Health cannot be good only by eating well but also with buy online fitness equipments. For this, one should also be correct on taking food at right time as the functioning of our body keeps on moving and the body needs nutrients from time to time. Therefore, food should also be done at scheduled times. So let us tell you from the point of view of science that what food time should be an Ideal Time. If you eat food at this time, it will be beneficial for your health.


An ideal breakfast should be between 7 am and 8 am in the morning. If you do breakfast after 10 a.m. then it is not considered right. After half an hour after breakfast, it is best to have breakfast.


Lunch should be done in the mid-afternoon between 12 and 12. This is the ideal time to eat food. If you do lunch after 4 o’clock, then you cannot get nutritious substances, but the loss can definitely happen. A gap of 4 hours should be between lunch and breakfast.


Ideal time of dinner should be from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. After 10 o’clock, eating food is not good for health. Because this will affect your sleeping time. Suppose experts should eat 3 hours before sleeping.

Learn by the colors of fruits and vegetables, how much nutrients are in them. In the deep red, pink and orange colors, phytochemicals are available in large amounts which increase hemoglobin in the body. Let us know what is the effect of the color of the fruit or vegetable and how it affects our health.

  1. Colorful foods

Every color says something, this also applies to health. Fruits and vegetables of different colors have their own unique qualities. These merits make them different from others. The body also needs fruits and vegetables in which the antioxidant is in abundance. In the deep red, pink and orange colors, phytochemicals are available in large amounts which increase hemoglobin in the body. Let us know what is the effect of the color of the fruit or vegetable and how it affects our health.

  1. Nutrients in colorful foods

Fruits and vegetables are naturally colorful as they are, more delicious and healthier. Various nutrients, including beta-carotene, vitamin B, are found to be high in colorful fruits or vegetables. Health experts also believe that there are antioxidant vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables rich in natural colors that protect the body from various types of diseases. Apart from this, foods of different colors help different parts of your body.

  1. Green foods
    Green colored foods

Green vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach contain vitamin B and mineral. Their consumption reduces mental stress and the immune system is also strong. In addition green fruits and vegetables are also phytochemical called lutein, which protect the liver. So make the green color a part of your regular diet.

Red fruits and vegetables


Tomatoes, watermelon, red cabbage fall into this category. They also contain chemicals called phytochemicals and lycopene which protect against any type of internal damage or skin damage caused by the sun’s rays. Apart from this, it also protects the heart. Anthocyanin is found in strawberries, raspberry and beetroot. It is a group of phytochemicals that regulate hypertension and protect against diabetes related problems.

Yellow vegetables and fruitsyellow fruits and vegatables

Vitamin C is abundant in yellow foods; it is beneficial for reducing swelling in the body, preventing allergies and healthy skin by coping with free radicals. In yellow fruits, carotenoids and vitamins are abundant, which reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Yellow foods include lemon, pineapple, capsicum, and grapes.

Dark color foods

dark color foods

Of course, people like black dresses, but black color in the case of eating and drinking is usually not liked by people. But be sure, black foods are very beneficial for your kidneys. Therefore, take the pimples and black olives in your diet. Apart from this, there is abundant anthocyanin found in black carrots, which reduces cholesterol in the body.

Purple vegetables and fruits

Purple vegetables and fruits

Adding purple fruits and vegetables to your diet is good for the brain’s health. Add grapes, onions, purple colored cottage cheese, eggplant etc. to your diet. Apart from this, Blueberry is a very good source of antioxidants. This reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer and also prevents bacteria from accumulating in the body.

White vegetables and fruits

white vegetables and fruits

White vegetables are beneficial for your lungs. There are plenty of vitamins C, B complex, sulfur iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorus. White foods contain a nutrient called kuhrstin, which promotes our immune system. Apart from eating potatoes, garlic, white mushrooms etc., blood pressure of patients with high blood pressure remains normal.

Orange vegetables and fruits


orange vegetables and fruits

Orange foods are high in beta carotene, in addition it contains abundant amounts of antioxidants and vitamin A. To keep the spleen safe, orange food should also be eaten because the vitamin C is good in the oranges and in some quantities vitamin A is good for the spleen. Apart from this, beta carotene is good for eyes and skin in vegetables such as carrots, pumpkins, sugarcane.

Seasonal consumption of fruits and vegetables

Eating healthy diets reduces the risk of many diseases with the fitness equipment stores in India. But while taking all these foods, one thing needs to be kept in mind that according to the weather, eat colored vegetables and fruits. Consume fruits in the right amount and at the right time according to the weather.


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