How start-up companies get advantage with freelancers

How start-up companies get advantage with freelancers

The way business and employees are working is Create a Company Culture. Nowadays it’s not required to be all-time at your office; freelance workers are becoming famous day by day. Freelance workers are becoming the choice of several start-ups and companies as its accessibility is high and more common.

As per Wall Street Journal article, it claimed that one in three U.S. workers is now a freelancer, a huge shift from the traditional idea of clocking in at a 9-to-5 work and growing up the ladder within the organization.

In this ever-changing world, organizations and especially start-ups have an abundant opportunity to take benefit of a bigger talent pool while reducing their payroll costs.

There are several ways which we will see below on different aspects of freelancer’s service in high demand by the start-up companies and businesses.

  1. Identify where you genuinely need support

It would help if you always looked for the area for the actual requirement of the workforce which you don’t have in the set-up. This analysis will is helpful in terms of cost and time.

When you have a job that needs specialized professionals, you’re dependent on limited funds, or you’re uncertain what the demand for your product or service will be starting out.

Identify where your existing staff strengths and weaknesses are and where adding further support to the team could help move the business operation.

Engaging with freelancers or on-demand professional is an excellent way to bring talent to work on particular aspects of your business.

There are several businesses in the global marketplace like Fiverr, Guru, Field Engineer and more which connects professionals like engineers, photographer, web designers, wireless installation, etc.

  1. Share clear project guidelines

The more details and examples you provide for an assignment the better-prepared the freelancer will be to complete it successfully and professionally.

Unlike your regular employee, you should always keep in mind that freelancers are not the ones who are familiar with your regular operations. Hence, you are required to share the specific details of the project for the best output.

  1. Fix the timeline

Once you have given the clear project guidelines, there is a requirement of fixing the deadline.  By defining the schedules, you have to ensure that the job gets done as expected. Make it a regular habit of monitoring the project status with a frequent interval of time.

  1. Be realistic with payment conditions

Different freelancers will have different payment expectations. As a start-up, you have to be clear with the payments terms agreed upon either half fee’s upfront or total payment after completion of the project.

While you may think that why to make a payment early, but in keep in mind that every business has a different story of success and failure. Always be in good relation with a freelancer with the agreement before the start of work.

  1. Contract transparency

As a start-up, you always need to have a clear contract statement instead of vagueness as this will set the expectation from both sides. Freelancer and business, both will be comfortable beforehand of starting any project task with peace of mind.

  1. Connect globally

According to your business, you can work with professionals located from anywhere in the world. It helps you to showcase your business to the prospective client as a global business and not just local for better outreach.

  1. Select whom you hire wisely

This is very true for you and anyone you employ in any capacity, but this should be of top importance while finalizing upon freelancer as you have to get the work done with the right professional.

Ensure that you always check for the previous work portfolios when you choose someone who fits the assignment at hand.

  1. Don’t always pick the lowermost bid

Whether it’s coding, router installation or copywriting, freelance rates tend to differ widely. It’s not necessary that the lowest bid will always give you the result exactly what you have expected. Generally, the lowest bids will always come from the professionals having less experience. You should always look for the quality of work as well.

After all, when you are employing a professional, remember that already you are saving a lot more than the cost of a full-time employee. So, agree with a reasonable rate.

  1. Go for word-of-mouth references

While searching online global freelance marketplaces to bond with appropriate freelancers can be quick and easy, however, don’t forget to use your network to discover workers your friends have recommended and can promise for. Employing a freelancer you got through references by your friends or colleagues you trust can bring in the fruitful result.


Having a clear vision and objectives will help build you to a successful business in the global marketplace. For that, always look for trusted partners or freelancers who can give you the results. You can perform more research, as there are several talents ready in the global marketplace who can leverage their knowledge for your better business growth.


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