How To Dress Smartly In Christmas Days


It is always a query among us what to wear different in every seasonal occasion. We would like to dress attire that gives an appealing look and best suited for the function.

Here, comes the chilling cold and along with inviting Christmas for everyone. So, what you have decided to wear this Christmas, or still you are struggling what to choose differently to wear this Christmas that makes you look unique in the crowd.

When I was shopping for my son as he has a grand Christmas party eve in his school, I came across readymade garments in Amravati. Here, I found the attractive collection in men’s wear for any celebration. The selection was huge and literally, it was a tough task to select the best out of it.

Here are a few selected ideas that can be helpful to anyone for choosing the best dress for Christmas party. Even, one can approach to men’s ethnic wear Amravati who is well known for their selective and branded collection for Christmas dress.

For the Christmas family dinner

It is common to have Christmas dinner with friends and family. The formal Christmas dinner or lunch attire for males is straightforward. You can allow you to look glamorous in one of your sexiest suits wearing black trousers, blazer, white shirt, and adding love colour red Christmas bow-tie replacing that old styled black colour bow-tie.

Just turn yourself to see in the mirror, you look handsome and sexy.

Now, you wonder where to get this sexiest red bow-tie. Well, just approach to well-known men apparels in Amravati and you can easily end up your searches for bow-ties.

Lunch at the pub

Christmas lunch at the pub, exciting, isn’t it. A Christmas celebration seems incomplete unless you have any lunch party with your buddies. You need not be something very dressy, but a casual outfit with a simple addition of pullover or a nice scarf can do a great job.

These Christmas scarves are easily vision in any readymade garments shops in Amravati.

Coat for Christmas

A pea coat is exactly something you must be looking for chilled Christmas celebration. It is currently in fashion demand by many, be it you, or any celebrity, it can be easily and attractively worn in any gathering or party.

Pea coat, when paired with corduroy pants, makes the perfect formal wear for Christmas.

Green colour for Christmas

Not only red and white, but many inclined towards green colour wears in Christmas. Green is good when paired with right colour combinations to wear with it. If you are interested in wearing a green colour jacket or sweater, then try to wear a combination of blue colour.

Christmas party

Parties in Christmas days are normal and always invited. It may be a few even. Now, you simply can’t step in all the invited parties in the same outfit.

It can be either formal party or small cocktail party. Tuxedo suit in a neutral colour like blue or grey will be a great choice.

Bow-ties can be black, red, or any lighter colour than your suit.

Festive velvet suit

A nice velvet suit is the best for the guys who are literally excited with overwhelmed Christmas day feelings and waiting eagerly for special and delicious food.

You can choose colours matching to Christmas theme, or red/maroon coloured suits give jovial look.

Jeans style

Jeans are the entire year choice in dresses. It can be voted for the most comfortable wear throughout. It gives a signature look and classic jeans can be selected to celebrate Christmas. Try to layer it with different combinations like brown jackets, or red Christmas sweater.

Party at workplace

Parties in Christmas days means many of you would like to dress in a sophisticated way. You can pull out your classy winter wardrobe and experiment to give you a new look this winter.

Printed shirts can catch eyes on you in Christmas celebration in a workplace as every other working day you are truly avoiding such printed shirts in offices. It can be paired attractively with sweater coat.

The printed shirts are not in regular fashion so it may be a task for you to find it that suits your choices. You can have a look at men’s fashion shirt in Amravati as this place has been known for its unique collections.


The secret to looking different in Christmas crowd is to dress with some flair. Play with more colours, try something different this year and aim to be the best dressed sexiest male in the party crowd.


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