How to Gain Body Weight in Just 30 Days?


Not only being overweight is a headache but underweight is also the same concern and needs appropriate attention. Being underweight means having the Body Mass Index (BMI) below 18.5 and overweight person may have 25 or over 30. Being healthy is important but at the same time having required BMI is necessary.  Being skinny is not bad but unhealthy is.

Being fatty can even impair your immune functioning, raise your risk of infections, cause pathology and fractures and cause fertility issues.

  1. Eating disorders: This includes anorexia, a heavy disorder.
  2. Thyroid problems: Having AN active thyroid (hyperthyroidism) will boost metabolism and cause unhealthy weight loss.
  3. Celiac disease: the foremost severe type of protein intolerance. the general public with upset do not know that they need it
  4. Diabetes: Having uncontrolled polygenic disorder will cause severe weight loss.
  5. Cancer: Cancerous tumors typically burn giant amounts of calories and might cause somebody to lose loads of weight.
  6. Infections: Bound infections will cause somebody to become severely unhealthy. This includes parasites, infectious disease and HIV/AIDS.


Tips to gain weight in a healthy manner:

  1. Grab more calories than your body is burning: Create your calorie surplus (eat more than your body needs) but only with the health food like Oats laddu. To gain fat steadily, go for 300-500 calories and to gain faster get 700-1,000 calories more than you burn.
  2. Only protein can help you in gaining healthy fat as our muscles are made up of protein so the extra calories ended up as body fat. High protein diet gives many of the extra calories that further turn into muscle.
  3. Binge onto energy rich foods like Nuts, Dried fruits, High fat dairy, Fats and Oils, Grains, Meat and Tubers. Have more fruits and Banana is the best weight gain fruit. Quinoa, Oats, Corn, Buckwheat, Potatoes and sweet potatoes, Squash Winter root vegetables, Beans and legumes are some best food to have for weight gain.
  4. Drink whole milk to get more high quality protein and calories. It gives a proper balance of Proteins, Carbs and other required Vitamins and Minerals.
  5. To lose weight, drinking water before the meals is good as it allows lesser food to eat and get in enough calories.
  6. Try on some homemade smoothies like Chocolate banana nut shake, Vanilla berry shake, Chocolate hazelnut shake and Caramel apple shake.
  7. Avocados are great for gaining healthy fats only with fairly calorie dense and one large avocado gives nearly 322 calories, 29 grams of fat and 17 grams of fiber.
  8. Full fat yogurt and eggs are another good source of fat that can be taken with Fruits, Peanut butter, Dried fruits accordingly.
  9. Dark chocolate is one of the most neglected yet healthy foods with around 65% of calories and 11% fiber. It has antioxidants that can lower down your Blood pressure and protect LDL Cholesterol in the blood. Choose your ones with 70% cocoa.
  10. Avoid having fast food or processed food, they only makes you fat and not healthy.
  11. Increase your number of meals like your Breakfast, lunch and Dinner should be heavy with some Oats, Fruits and Dried fruits with Milk.


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