How to Get Success at work with this Chanakya Neeti?


Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya has told many sources for success in his lifetime. That’s why in today’s time jobs and business succeed. Also work in other cases as well. Acharya Chanakya has given the formula for success in the eighteenth verse of the fourth chapter in his book. Apart from this, another thread is said in the eighth verse of the sixth chapter. According to Acharya Chanakya, if some things are taken care of at the beginning of any work, then the chances of success are greatly increased. Your success depends on how your efforts are? How are you working to achieve the goal? If every step in life should succeed, then this policy of Acharya Chanakya should be adopted.

Acharya says-

प्रभूतं कार्यमल्पं वा यन्नरः कर्तुमिच्छति ।

सर्वारम्भेण तत्कार्यं सिंहादेकं प्रचक्षते ॥१६॥





Meaning –

If a person wants to achieve his goal then he should work diligently in every way and with full force. Just like a lion prey on its own. Acharya Chanakya says that whatever work we have to do, we should do it with complete strength. Whatever work is small or big, we must do it with full strength. Then our success is confirmed.

Just as a lion flashes with full power over its prey and does not give chance to escape, due to this quality, he never fails. We should swiftly move on our goal and move on like a lion. If there is any kind of slackness in the work, success will be overcome. To achieve success, this is the suretip of Acharya Chanakya.


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