How to Look Pretty, Beautiful and Gorgeous without Makeup


Wearing makeup is not the only way to look pretty. It may help greatly but there’s more to the mantra of staying beautiful. You can try out some natural things you can try to keep yourself gorgeous for all time. You should also know that beauty is in confidence and feeling good about yourself can make all the difference. But yes, the skin deserves some care and nourishment if you want to look and feel fabulous all season. So, forget about makeup and rather seek inspiration for things that really matter in life, even when your skin tone and texture are on the wane.

Follow some of these tips to look beautiful even without makeup –

Exfoliate your skin

Looking pretty is not possible unless your skin feels soft. You feel good when the skin shines and does not seem dull. So, exfoliate the skin regularly and feel the difference sooner than you expect. Exfoliating the skin regularly helps than doing it occasionally. And yes, you don’t have to rub the skin hard else it softness may be lost. Try this simple thing and you will definitely feel good about yourself.

Wash your face twice a day 

Clean face looks more beautiful than an unclean one. It also ensures a face free of acne and pimples. Washing the face twice a day can keep away all infections. You can use any quality facial cleanser and clean the skin with soft hands. Doing this regularly will surely leave you with soft and clean skin. And once the skin feels lively, there’s no reason you won’t look pretty.

Keep your teeth whiter and brighter 

Clean, white and healthy teeth make you look beautiful. You should follow oral care routine, and if necessary, seek whitening treatment. Eating apples, carrots etc. can help keep the teeth whiter and brighter naturally. Brushing, flossing and rinsing daily can help you stay on top of your dental health and this is how you look beautiful with minimum effort. So, try this and feel confident all the time.

Use sunscreen

Staying away from the sun helps keep your skin flawless. But you can’t do that all the time. They will be days when you have to venture out in the open and this can put the skin at risk of losing it natural lustre. You can use sunscreen for such cases as it will keep the skin young and beautiful. With a quality cream on, a walk in the sun will have no harm.

Get enough sleep 

Your skin looks fresh and soft when you take proper rest. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day is good for the body and it makes you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Skipping on the sleep is a bad idea when you want to look pretty as this leaves you exhausted. Women who take proper sleep look prettier than those who don’t. So, get your sleep right and add beauty to your appearance.

Drink and eat right

Your skin looks flawless when you have the habit of drinking plenty of water. It keeps you hydrated and full, so wrinkles are kept away. So, you should drink more water daily and this will keep your beautiful. Similarly, you can eat right foods and it helps look gorgeous. Eating vitamin rich foods is good for your skin. Once you are right with drinking and eating, it will help you feel good and confident.

Clearly, looking good can make you rock the event or party you plan to visit soon. You won’t like visiting an event looking not beautiful as you many guests will be there, lots of event management and planning will be there.


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