How to Take Care of your Skin in Winter Season?

Care of your Skin in Winter Season

The main problem of winter is skin dryness as often as you clean your skin with soap or face wash. It becomes equally attractive, because after the cleansing the natural moisture of the skin gets destroyed and its effect on the skin begins to appear. The skin becomes rudimentary and lifeless, the lips begin to burst and the stomachs of the feet are rigid and lifeless Are done. In this season, the skin also loses its natural glow due to low moisture in the atmosphere. Oily skin also has the effect of cold winds. It would be better to use your skin type friendly cold cream and adequate water. Apart from all this, take a good sleeping and balanced diet.

Winter skin care routine:

  1. Clean the dead skin to make it clear and clean. You can use Lip Scrub. Keep your lip balm with you all the time rather than just licking them that ultimately makes them drier.
  2. Use Radiant and Liquid Foundation to bring brightness to the skin. To get a natural look in winter, Peaches and Pumpkin Palettes are a good option for Brown skin tones.
  3. You can apply blush with cream for the finest shiny skin in winter. Blush with color and moisturizer stimulates your cheeks.
  4. By applying a light serum-like Texture Hydrating Primer, your makeup will remain consistent and will be more sustainable. It gives a perfect look to reduce the skin when it is too much shine or makeup.
  5. Do not forget to use sunscreen with SPF in winter too. If you do not wear sunscreen for fear of damage to skin due to excess SPF, then you can also apply sunscreen of children, this will keep your skin safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and also be soft.
  6. Take vitamin D, vitamin C and B2 supplements to maintain glow in skin, retention.
  7. Due to cold winds, it is self-centered to have stubbornness in the skin, causing skin to become rigid. Clean the body thoroughly with the scrub at least once a week, clean with scrub for once or twice a week. This will open your hair follicle and the dead skin will be removed.
  8. Choose lukewarm water rather than warm one.
  9. We tend to drink hot drinks more in the water but for the sake of your good skin, it is necessary to drink water and stay hydrated.
  10. If you have oily skin, pick up the right products only that are not too much heavy on your skin and somehow make you look like a mirror.

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