How to keep your jewellery like new?

take care of jewellery

After spending hard work on precious jewelry, it is important to keep them in proper manner and take care of them. When you buy real pearl ornaments, do not forget to wrap it in muslin cloth. Take care of your jewelry and make it lasts long with the same shine for years.

Tips to take care of your jewellery:

  1. Never spray perfume directly on jewelry as it contains so many chemicals.
  2. Diamond and Cubic zirconia can be washed with mild warm water to remove dirt and grease.
  3. Kundan (Uncut Diamond) jewelry is required to be placed in a sponge or cotton box containing plastic, because it can come in contact with other chemicals.
  4. Panna is very soft and delicate stone. Wear a panna ornaments only, so that they are not likely to break down.
  5. Basra (real) pearl should be wrapped in muslin cloth. Avoid wearing them in the summer, because they can lose their shine when exposed to sweat.
  6. Place the ornaments in a box with multiple grooves or put them in different boxes, because together you can have a scratched or a possibility of breaking them apart.
  7. Do not clean any other jewelry with soap or water except diamonds.
  8. You can use erasers to remove stains from jewelry.
  9. Keep cleaning jewelry at regular intervals. This will keep them clean, chunky and always new. All jewelry or stones should not be cleaned in the same way.
  10. Gold is a delicate metal and can easily get scratched on it. Try to protect it from scratch and keep getting advice from your jeweler for proper polishing and maintenance.
  11. Avoid wearing soft and delicate ornaments while cooking, exercising, and swimming or doing some domestic work. Also avoid wearing gems in high heat or light, because its color flies and it becomes colorless.
  12. To protect ornaments from any harm, make wear, lotion and perfume after wearing them.


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