Monday, February 18, 2019
Chicken Quesadilla

5 Minutes Healthy Recipes

The busiest work in the house is in the kitchen. The beginning of the morning is from the kitchen as well as ending of...
salmon fish

3 Affordable Sea Foods That you Should Have Once in Life!

Seafood could be any type of food that is taken from the sea, it may include Fish, Shellfish, Sea mammals (Dolphins and Whales) as...
Oats laddoo

Healthy Oats Ladoo Recipe with Honey and Cardamom

This is a special dish for those who like sweet; these laddus are made from nutritious melts of oats and palm with Jaggery and...

Top 5 Best Tourist Destinations under Low Budget

Srinagar, Kashmir It is much more than some heaven on earth that is amongst favorite destinations of almost every person on this earth. Srinagar...