Never gift these things to anyone


Whether we have a birthday or marriage, we often fall in the dilemma that gives a gift. Many days go out in thinking and thinking. Before giving a gift, the same thing remains in the mind that whatever gifts the giver is offering, will either like it or not. The most important thing is that the gift must also be in our budget. But if you want to give someone a gift then before that you should take care of some things. According to the scriptures there are some things which can cause harm to you, so why not give such a thing.

According to Vastu Shastra, no one should gift handkerchiefs. It is said that negativity spreads among the people.

traditional hankerchiefs

Never have a gift to anyone in your profession. It is said that doing this causes you loss of business.

professional gifts

Even the idol of God should not be gift to anyone. It is said that it should be bought by itself.

god sculpture


Misfortune comes from offering sharp things. Therefore, do not ever offer gift items such as knives and gifts in any gift.

sharp objects

It is said that nobody should ever give a watch in the gift because it determines your good bad times along with the time. If someone gives a watch in a gift then it works to obstruct its progress.

wrist watches


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