Night Skin Care Routine for Every Skin Type


We all love to have beautiful and shiny skin and Night time is the best time to repair and by neglecting this step you are just waiting for your skin to be affected badly. You need to know your skin type before starting the regime. Here are some tips and steps to get flawless skin with this Night skin care routine.

Night skin care routine

Basic steps for Night skin care routine:

Step 1: Cleanse: Use a gentle sulfate free cleanser as they do not dry out your skin. This step is most necessary for removing the germ build ups like Bacteria, Pollutants, Viruses and Dirt. It maintains the proper pore size by removing the unnecessary toxins that are building up on your skin. It encourages proper skin hydration and maintenance of essential skin oils. You can use a warm cloth to remove the cleansing milk. Go for cream based cleanser to cleanse dry skin and foam based for oily skin.

Step 2: Face Wash: This step is necessary to remove the cleansing oil and also is not necessary though. Select cleanser that has the same pH of your skin.

Step 3: Tone: Face wash and cleansing your face can make it harsh and toning your skin up can make it balanced one. Put toner on the cotton and now take toner on cotton pad and apply it on face. Now put the toner on face and neck gradually – spread the cotton pad comfortably on the face and neck. Keep in mind that the pads do not reach the area around your eyes and lips. Also, place toner carefully around the nose, eyebrows, ears and hair. Along with that toner helps to clean the chemicals, chlorine and salt found in the water. Use other type of toner for more moisturizer – Toner coming in spray only reduces the impurities of your skin, do not clean them. For this, you must first use Wiping Toner. However, if you feel fresh using spray toner, then you can use spray toner after wiping toner.

Wait for the toner to dry because most toners are based on water and they become absorbed in the skin rapidly. So before applying any other product, make sure your toner is completely absorbed. This will help to maintain the moisture in your skin and the impurities also will be removed. Facial toner keeps the PH level and hydrogen level of the skin balanced. The PH level indicates the acidity level of your skin and it is measured by the number of 0 to 14. If level 7 is then this level is normal. If this level is normal, it means that the problem of oil and infection on your skin is very low. Most toxic substances affect your health and skin. The function of facial tone is to clean the toxic substances such as smoking, haze and other chemicals present in the environment. This makes your skin look fatter and healthy, and using it for a long time does not have the problem of nail-acne and wrinkles on the skin. Facial toner keeps the skin hydrated, which keeps skin elasticity and moisture. Having hydrated skin looks young. Hydrating the skin properly prevents problems arising due to old age. Most facial toners contain vitamins and other nutrients that keep the skin healthy and balanced.

Nowadays there are countless products available for the beauty of the skin. With whom the beauty of the skin increases, it becomes healthy. Such a new product is skin serum, but there is not so much awareness about skin serum so that what is it really? This is gel, liquid or cream. How it is applied to the body. All these questions start coming into the brain after taking the names of skin serum. So know about this serum how it makes you beautiful.

Step 4: Sometimes serum and moisturizer are treated the same which is totally wrong. Moisturizers are used to keep the skin hydrated. It acts as a protective barrier between skin and external environment-related things. Whereas serum completes the process beyond this by nourishing inside the skin and inside it. The biggest advantage of applying serum is that it protects and retrieves the skin from environmental damage. Nowadays the life of chemicals exposure, dust, dirt, pollution is very high. At the same time, even if you are at home, your skin has to suffer from toxin that is made of electronics, light and other gadgets. There are many vitamins in the serum that prevent the coming of the environmental forces on the skin. Along with this it also protects from sun damage and dark spots.

sun damage and dark spots

Bonus tip: This entire process can be done in the morning as well, all you need to add a scrub for exfoliation after the cleansing part. Don’t forget to apply toner after the scrub. Also, drink required amount of water to hydrate your skin. Add face masks twice a week

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