Pakistan to bring reforms in its Education sector working with China and Kyrgyzstan

Pakistan to bring reforms in its Education sector working with China and Kyrgyzstan

Pakistan is home to the most frenetic and culturally divided people in the world. Masses from the four provinces share different lingual and cultural background. But the one thing which keeps them common is the utter sense of lack of education. Of course, setting apart the commercial cities, the much covered rural area of Pakistan is still living in the dark of ages of non-education and dimmed modernism.

But still the hope is getting to emerge, as the newly elected Govt. of Pakistan led by Imran khan is making it pretty sure to give the country major reforms in education. For that, the Govt. has set plans to work with its close allies in bringing modernized educational reforms in the country. Pakistan has sights to collaborate with China and Kyrgyzstan to reform its educational sector. Both China and Kyrgyzstan have much higher literacy ratio than of Pakistan, and the Govt. is seeking major collaboration to work with both of them.

The Focus on Bringing Modernized Education Bar in Pakistan

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Therefore, the Govt is sorting out plans to raise the education bar in Pakistan. So that people can uplift their living standards getting the right education and moving towards the right career. The major European countries have also committed to hold talks with Pakistani officials on collaborating in different educational grounds, ensuring Pakistan to get the European standard education in the country.

Collaborating with Kyrgyzstan

The Govt. has set plans to leverage its educational sector with the help of friendly allies. Like as said above, the Govt knows the value of education in every sector and therefore is opting the strategy of working with friendly countries to get the education sector right in Pakistan.

Recently, the HEC Chairman Dr Tariq Banuri has invited the chancellors of various Kyrgyz universities to Pakistan, in order to explore the way of collaboration in the country. The main aim is to form a joint collaboration between two countries in the field of education, particularly in higher education institutions.

The information was revealed by Dr Tariq Banuri in a recent meetup with the ambassador of Kyrgyz republic. He called on Mr. Erik Beishembiev to the commission secretariat to discuss the ways of joint venture in education.

The press release further elaborated that both Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan enjoys a common religious and cordial relations. This could eventually help in making the educational collaboration stronger between two countries. Further adding that, the youths of both the countries have the potential to do wonders in the world, but that is only imperative of getting the right education in the way. Therefore, getting an organized collaboration in between the two can pave the way for setting bright future in the region.

The HEC chairman emphasized that the two countries can closely collaborate in various education fields. From agriculture to micro biology and from bio technology to medical, the options are quite vast in the way and the two countries can truly share their experience and educational background in these areas.

Working with China

China is home to the most technically advance people in the world, and learning from them is the rightest step if any country wants to get leveraged with the modernized norms. More importantly, Pakistan have deep historical ties with China and therefore can get really worthy knowledge about how they rose up to conquer the world today.

That is what the Govt. is focusing on in its new educational reforming policy. The Govt. has sought help with its Chinese partners to form a detailed and thorough collaboration in the field of education.

Recently, Pakistan and China both signed a Memo to collaborate and enhance their historical relationship in the field of education, which will include better visa granting to Pakistani students to china and easing the way for transfer of educational practices to Pakistan.

In a meeting held between Federal Minister for Education and Chinese envoy, both officials discussed the way of enhancing the skill development cooperation in between the two countries. It also included the talks of bringing 2.5 million uneducated Pakistani children to schools, establishing a modernized and uniform education system that should meet the demands of modern Education system.

Mr. Shafqat Mehmood further said that Pakistan would like to learn from the experiences of China about how they revamped their educational sector and made it up to the mark of modernism. The ambassador assured that under the CPEC programs, sorting out few educational plans would also be done in the near future and it would be further discussed at the higher level to give it an organized programming shape. He further said that China is keen to support the Pakistan in every possible way, so that the ties of two countries can get even much stronger.

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