Provar vs Selenium: Which is a better software for test automation


Digitalization or say Automation, nowadays are outsmarting human creativity very rapidly. It is now turning into an “Automation Revolution“, where deep learning and machine learning is significantly making things so easier that there is a scant need of doing things manually. We, humans, are undoubtedly creative, but the fact that digitalization is way faster than us can’t be hidden.

Provar vs Selenium

There are so many companies that still manually manage their sales force, may be unaware of the Sales Force Automation (SFA). But we are in an era, where tech companies have invented different software for sales force automation, and many companies are using them, which gives them effective and efficient results. Well what else does management wants, effective and efficient output! So what exactly is Sales Force Automation?

Sales Force Automation or SFA: An Introduction

  • Sales Force Automation is basically a software application for the sales personnel to help them carry out the sales process.
  • It is a part of Customer Relationship Management [CRM], developed for recording all the stages being carried out in a sales process.
  • SFA tracks all the contact that has been made with the customers, the reasons for the contact and all the related information.
  • SFA streamlines and automates the sales inventory, helps in forecasting and performance analysis.
  • Product and market Research are also available as the features of the SFA software app.
  • SFA is available for use on smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops as well.

Provar vs Selenium

The function of Sales Force Automation:

  1. Account Management: All the information related to the customers such as customer’s personal details, contact numbers, past ordered delivered (if any), current orders, etc. are appropriately managed.
  2. Contact Management: This includes the customer’s contact numbers, along with their respective Email ID, their address, their likes and dislikes, what and what, not they prefer, etc. for maintaining proper contact with them by creating and updating the appointments with them.
  3. Document Management: This includes maintenance of price lists, brochures, quotation templates, etc.
  4. Contract Management: This includes monitoring, tracking, terminating the contracts of the customers.
  5. Lead Management: It helps the managers to create and assign various tasks to different salespersons. Or just say, proper Division of Labor.
  6. Opportunity Management: It helps the managers to create opportunities regarding sales and compare the estimated and actual progress.
  7. Sales forecast: This provides forecasting of sales trends so that the managers may identify future revenue opportunities through sales.

Sales Force Automation might be clear from the above-scribbled information that it is a software which helps in the process of sales and various related activities to it. It removes the manual labor and makes business work easier.

Now, if someone is managing an event, there must be activities from planning to control for its success. Yes! Control is the much-needed process for a successful event or maybe anything. Similarly, the techs might have planned about inventing on an excellent software that is Sales Force Automation, but they did not forget to invent complementary testing software along with the SFA. And there it is, Provar and Selenium.

Provar vs Selenium

What is Provar?

  • Provar is a setup which carries out salesforce tests to keep a continuous check on the sales related activities.
  • It is basically a test automation setup designed for the Sales Force.
  • Provar software can be installed on a PC and works on Chrome application.
  • It provides UI and API testing.
  • It is easy to use as it requires no coding skill to master on.

What is Selenium?

  • Selenium is a combination of different software tools which supports test automation.
  • The tests can be carried out using Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.
  • It requires coding skill as the tests can be written in Java, Python, C#, PHP.Net, and Ruby.
  • Selenium software can be used to test web applications, but not desktop applications.

The Comparison: Provar vs Selenium

Basis Provar Selenium
Recording It builds tests using its own Test Builder which performs all the activities against the page using the recorded script. It is used to track the mouse clicks.
Installation It can be installed on Pc and used on Chrome application It can be installed on PC, an used on FireFox, Opera, Safari, Chrome as well.
Coding It needs to have no coding skills. It needs to have coding skills as the tests are written in Java, Ruby, C#, Python, PHP.
Speed It is way faster. It is comparatively slower.
Debugging This supports single script debugging without restarting the test. This supports multiple scripts debugging and needs re-execution.
Cleaning up of data It automatically cleans up the data where ever enabled You require to add a code to clean up the data.
Data-driven tests Data can be easily exported from Excel or any database. Excel integration works but must be programmed accordingly.
Test suite integration It is capable of test suite integration. Test Suite Integration is not recommended with Selenium.
Tools It is only the Provar setup that carries out the testing. It has a set of tools, each supporting testing of SFA.
Cloning It provides an option to clone the test data Data needs to be coded separately for each test.
Tables and lists It recognizes tables when the page is mapped. It requires proper coding to recognize tables and lists.


The Bottom Line:

It is clear from the above comparison that Provar features are relatively better for Sales Force Automation testing. But Selenium, definitely at some place has its own significance.


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