Safety precautions to be taken this Diwali?

diwali precautions

Deepawali is a festival of lights, light is especially important on this day. The festival of Deepawali brings happiness with us and we celebrate this festival with complete holiness and rejoicing. The festival of this light is celebrated on a large scale, but being careless, the fun of this festival can be gritty. Therefore, it is very important to take care of some things at this time. Let us tell you about some measures to celebrate healthy, happy and safe Diwali.

How to be safe this Diwali?

  • When wearing firecrackers, wear sandals or shoes in the feet.
  • Always burn firecrackers at open space, never burn crackers at home or in a closed place. Also look around that there is no fire or any kind of fire catching thing.
  • Keep the water in the surroundings while burning firecrackers and keep medicines applied to the home.
  • Keep your face away while burning crackers.
  • Keep the firecrackers away from the quick burners.
  • Sprinkle water after burning.
  • Always buy crackers from licensed and reliable stores.
  • Never burn firecrackers in hand, because doing so is more likely to burst in crackers.
  • Never put explosives in hands.
  • Do not burn firecrackers around candles or candles.
  • Do not use firecrackers at the time when burning fireworks around you.
  • Do not burn crackers around electric wires.
  • If a firecracker is taking too much time to burn, then do not burn it again, but throw it at a safer place.
  • Do not throw half burnt firecrackers around here.
  • Do not burn such crackers like rockets at all, when there is some kind of obstruction like trees, electric wire etc.
  • Wear cotton clothes while burning firecrackers; do not wear nylon clothes at all.
  • Due to the open flame, do not use a match or lighter at all to burn firecrackers, it can be dangerous.
  • Never give any crackers in the hands of young children.


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