Students’ Mental Health Is the Prime Concern of UK’s Minister

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The new students in the UK universities face huge toll on their mental health as the learning competition is getting harder and harder every year. It has been notified to the universities authorities that these stresses could cause some serious permanent dangers to the students’ mental health and proper initiatives should be taken to ease these stresses. Vice-Chancellor of Buckingham University, Sir Anthony Seldonreportedly said that the first year and last year students are most prone to inhibiting in alcohol and drug addiction due to the stressful conditions of the students. One of the most tiresome and stressful part of university studies is the successful completion of dissertation. Within this context it is mention worthy that dissertation help UK could provide remarkable assistance and guidance to such students.

UK Ministers’ request to the vice-chancellors

UK minister Sam Gyimah wrote a letter to the vice-chancellors of all the universities in the UK with request that they should focus more of their time and energy to the better mental health of the students and especially those who are studying at the Master and PhD levels. A news reported by Telegraph on September 16th online issue of this year mentions that the minister had previously called for a greater focus on the mental health and stability of the first year and newcomer students to the universities.

It was reported that the new students and dissertation writing students feel the most pressure of providing quality results and it may lead to stressful situations. The minister said that the new academic year brings new students and their good mental health and wellbeing underpins the successful completion and graduation attainment. He also asserts told the vice-chancellors in his letter that they must prioritize the mental health and wellbeing of the students without any negotiation over its importance. For the remedy of such matters, the participation from top management is essential.

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