What is the final verdict for Triple Talaq? 2 years jail for instant divorce

final verdict for Triple Talaq

The Narendra Modi government of the center has passed the Ordinance on the issue of three divorces on Wednesday. After the last two sessions, triple talaq bills were filed in the Rajya Sabha, after which the Modi Cabinet has decided to bring an ordinance on it. Several parties of the opposition including the Congress had said amendment in the three divorce bills, after which amendment was done. However, even after the ordinance was passed, the Opposition targeted the Modi government on this issue.

After the amendment, several changes have been made in the three divorce bills, in which women have been given more rights. What kinds of changes have been made in the new bill, read here…

  1. What will happen for the bail application?

According to the ordinance, now husband will not be so easy to get bail. By the time the magistrate does not listen to the wife’s side, the boy will not get bail.

  1. What will be the compromisation?

The agreement between the two parties can now be on the wife’s initiative. That is, once the case is reached the court will be the court settlement. If the boy wants to reconcile the case after the matter is exposed, then it is also important to accept the wife.

  1. What will happen to the minor child?

If the husband and wife have a minor child at the time of divorce, then the children will remain with the mother. And on the order of the court, the husband has to pay the allowance to the woman and the child.

  1. What will be the compensation?

If the husband appeals for bail, he will get bail only when he will ask the wife to pay compensation. And the amount of compensation will be decided by the magistrate.

  1. Will the law apply to old cases as well?

If there is a similar case on the shoe, then this new provision will not be applicable to it. If there is a case where the crime is going on continuously, the court can decide on its own.

  1. What major amendments have been made in Triple Talaq?
  • Before trial, the magistrate can give the accused bail after hearing the victim’s side.
  • Only relatives of victims, relatives and blood can file FIR.
  • The Magistrate will have the right to maintain marriage by compromising between husband and wife.
  • Victims of three divorce bills entitled at one time compensation


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