The Dummies Guide to Sell New and Used Mercedes-Benz Vehicle in 2019


A plethora of people choose Mercedes Car to drive because above others they offer sheer luxury, comfort and safety travel. In case you are planning to sell new and used Mercedes-Benz vehicle then perhaps you might be looking for best knowledge to safeguard yourself from money pit of dealers and seller. No doubt there is thousands of car seller online and in local markets, but only a few offer genuine rates. This could be a hassle to research on the entire list of dealers and might take a lot of time and efforts. Even if you have the right dealer contact make sure not to merely go-n-buy by your research, there is still a lot of component and parts in a vehicle which should be checked. In other words, the car should be thoroughly inspected before buying. On the contrast, while selling a used Mercedes Benz, it is essential to find the right buyer, agent, and agency which would offer the best price on your vehicle. In both, the case makes sure you have complete documents of the car and vehicle past check-up, change and modification history papers.


Surprisingly, the depreciation rate on the luxury vehicle like Mercedes Benz is higher as compared to the economy cars. Therefore, luxury cars generate higher appeal in the user vehicle market. So, in case you have planned to buy your very own luxury vehicle and if you are on a budget then buying a used Mercedes Benz will not be a problem. Mercedes is an old, famous and demanded brand; the vehicle manufactured by the company has a reputation for running ‘forever.’ The Mercedes Vehicle lives up to its motto: “The Best of Nothing.” Although, the present vehicle models of Mercedes Benz have advanced into more sophisticated and cutting-edge technology.

Mercedes Benz

Top Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Mercedes Benz


  1. Build-in Quality And Features: As per the study which compared the features between used Mercedes Benz and other economy cars it was found out that the former has a lot more features than the latter. To start-off with Mercedes-Benz a lot better interior quality and the material as compared to Toyota Camry and other Honda Cars. Buying a Mercedes Benz give your walnut wood trim interior, illuminated buttons, leather, sunroof, power window, seats and much more. There were other features as well as cruise control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, adjustable seat and steering wheel with multiple air-bags.
  2. Depreciation: Astonishingly, the first five years of the car is crucial even for luxury cars. After that, even Mercedes Benz depreciates at the same rate as others.
  3. Looks and Style: The older Mercedes-Benz cars look sharp and attention grabbers also if they get old. Mercedes Benz is a cut above while making a success statement.
  4. Ride and Comfort: Mercedes Benz whether old or new provides a comfortable, safe and luxurious ride quality. In case you have not driven any Mercedes Benz then try the E-Class or S-Class. It is the experience which you might never forget. The Benz offers a built-in impression of the excellent quality ride and is more luxurious than BMW, Audi or Lexus.

Buying a Used Mercedes Benz

Cons of Buying a Used Mercedes Benz

  1. Maintenance Cost: Buying a used Mercedes Benz has one of a significant drawback. The maintenance cost on a used Mercedes-Benz could be much higher as compared to the non-luxurious brands. Especially if you get repairs done by dealers, so, if you have old Mercedes Benz find a local repair shop that specializes in Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes repair can be ridiculously
  2. No Warranty: Buying a used Mercedes Car can be a problem if bought from a private seller. In such a case you won’t get any warranty, and in most case, the original buyer warranty would have already expired. On the other hand, if you are buying it from Mercedes car dealer, then you can ask for the new warranty. Many dealers sell a warranty as well. There CPO aka certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz car is thoroughly inspected and also comes in with a warranty which can be extended.
  3. Gadget: A Merc can offer a plethora of distinctive features and devices. But, given the number of features sometimes more things go wrong in Merc as compared to an economy car. Not only that some features could be obsolete in other words their actual use is rare. For example, The GPS on Merc is not that advance as the one you currently use on your phone.
  4. Fuel Economy: Lastly, if you live in the United States s you might know that the Merc engine is locally known and called as “thirsty engines.” In other words, the car uses premium gasoline and can cost more on the fuel.

It is recommended to make sure that the used Mercedes Benz you are planning to buy is always pre-sale inspected. Also, ask for the repair shop to give your quotes on things which need repair. Find a mechanic which will find the deep issues using his judgment and would tell you if the select Merc is ‘ok fit’ to buy. Following the aforementioned tips will make sure that you invest in the right car and take home ‘nothing but the best.


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