The Future of Video, Blogging and Podcasting


The future of video, blogging and podcasting, in many significant ways, is already here. And if you’re a content marketing expert (like yours’ truly), you may have already felt the winds of change. I predict that in a year’s time, we’re going to see a major transformation of the overall content production field. Content creators of all stripes, including bloggers, videographers & podcasters, will choose (or be forced) to engage with their audiences in several interesting ways.

And in anticipating these changes, many corporations have begun to invest their efforts in all kinds of content-based ‘insurances’. In an effort to ride the currents smoothly, should the storm hit their shores without warning! Optimum Internet Pricing is a good example; with the company having started work on its own YouTube-like video streaming service. I expect many other U.S ISP companies to follow suit, now that they have no Net Neutrality restrictions to clamp down on their expected monopolistic designs.

Get a Load of My Nine Content-related Predictions

In this blog, I’m going to detail 9 of the most prominent ways in which the future of video, blogging and podcasting will be set in the coming months. With three arguments deliberated upon for each content category.

These are listed as follows:

  1. Bloggers will look to Cryptocurrency to Monetize their Content
  2. Older, More Established, Blog Posts will be Revisited
  3. The Cost of Content Production will Increase
  4. Major ISPs will Launch their own Video Streaming channels
  5. Facebook will Emerge as an Alternate Hub for Video Creation
  6. Videographers will Focus More on Full-Length Shows
  7. Podcasts will come with full (background) Analytics Functionality
  8. ‘Small-batch and Limited Run’ Podcasts will become all the rage
  9. ‘Podcast Guesting’ will become the Link-Building Mechanism of Choice

I’ve discussed each of these points in some detail below.

Getting-In on this Debate

There are two angles from which this debate can be approached: the producer’s perspective, and the consumer’s. I’ll be focusing more on the former variant for our discussion. And although these short opinion-pieces are based on a best-guess-through-experience scenario, one thing is absolutely certain. This is the realization that the relationship between these two categories of people is destined to become even more important. And decisive; in the full business sense of the word.

So a lot more employment opportunities for people anxious to showcase their talent before eager audiences. And a lot of more cut-throat competition for the old video streaming giants from some of the new entrants in the field.

From the Blogging Perspective


Bloggers will have a lot to rejoice for, and feel intimidated by, in the latter half of 2018 (and beyond). On the positive front, they’ll get to reap the financial benefits that come with an alternative payment mechanism. But on the downside, they may have to face stiffer competition for getting their written works noticed on a horribly saturated web-scape.

Cashing-in on the Cryptocurrency Advantage

There’s never been a better time for bloggers to monetize their written works than now. Some blogging platforms have even begun to use bitcoins for paying their contributors. is one good example.


The use of cryptocurrencies allows bloggers to bypass the traditional mechanisms in place for receiving payments from their readers. In this way, they get to keep all of their earnings; instead of having to pay an intermediary company its share in the blog circulation process. And this advantage will not only be limited to written productions. Video and other types of multimedia content are expected to attract a lot of cash in this manner too.

Fetching Higher SEO Rankings with Older Blogposts

In SEO circles, it is no secret that revising older blogposts with newer content is an easier method of fetching higher rankings – than it is to start with new blog pieces afresh. And this advice could not come more warranted than in the case of blogs with a high share-ratio.

In the coming months and years, it is more than likely that most bloggers will make ample use of this strategy to popularize their work.

Content Production Costs will Increase

Due to the enormous levels of content saturation on the internet (which I’ve already mentioned), bloggers will be pressurized to produce more engaging work. This will mean that some of the more amateur producers out there will soon be out of work. And the established leaders in the blogging, video production and podcasting domains will charge higher payments from their contractors.

Taking Video Production & Distribution into Consideration

I believe that the absence of any Net Neutrality regulations will greatly impact the video streaming industry – and probably more so than its parallel content production fields.

ISPs will launch their own Video Streaming Channels

Some of the major U.S ISPs will launch dedicated video streaming channels of their own, in an attempt to lessen YouTube’s viral appeal. At the same time, they can try to charge a higher subscription fee from their customers who still choose to visit the site and other ‘old’ streaming services. This will provoke a migration of starting and mid-level videographers on these platforms to those managed by these expanding ISP companies.

Facebook will emerge as an Alternative Video Creation Hub

Through the expansion of its Facebook Watch utility, Facebook could emerge as an alternative hub for video creators to share their work – and be discovered by large audience numbers. Similarly, business professionals and influencers from all walks of life could resort to the use of LinkedIn Video to share videos of their own.

Videographers will focus on Full-Length Shows

Videographers will soon prioritize their efforts towards the production of full-length shows. These will be different from the ‘one-off’ kind of how-to and inspirational videos that are currently shared on Facebook and YouTube. The prevailing belief in the industry is that viewers need to be given an incentive to return to a video channel. And the best way to provide this is to produce videos in the form of TV show seasons – with an on-going narrative flow. As well as all the plot twists that generally keep audiences hooked.

Anticipating the Further Rise of Podcasting

Podcasting has an advantage over other forms of content, in the sense of being a more ‘intimately connecting’ medium of business promotion. In the future, we’ll probably see all large scale companies managing separate podcasting departments to further fan their lead-generation efforts.

Podcasts will come equipped with Background Analytics Capability

Apple, on its renowned iTunes platform, has recently started to offer analytics support on all of its podcasts. This feature has been greatly anticipated by podcasters who make regular use of the program to connect with their listeners. Before long, it won’t be uncommon to find the same support offered on all other podcasting channels.

Podcast-Guesting will dominate the Link-Building Domain

Podcast-guesting is a novel way to make good on your link-building efforts. Many podcasters are currently making a lot of headway by inviting important influencers onto their shows – who have a tendency to cite a lot of quality resources in their conversations. In the coming months, this practice is expected to take center stage in the podcasting realm. SEO professionals, in particular, will probably reap great benefits in the offing.

‘Small Batch, Limited Run’ Podcasts will Rise Up to the Challenge

In the interests of retaining consumer interest, companies will put a great deal of focus on producing short-run podcasts with a limited run-time. Podcast listeners generally don’t possess the same attention span that readers of lengthy blogs do. And so many corporations will aim to provide value in their podcasts, while stressing their uniqueness.

All of the content-innovations pointed to above, which are expected to arise in a couple of months, have injected a great deal of exhilaration in the content marketing domain. On a recent project geared towards the promotion of Optimum Deals, I have already started to bank on some of my content changes. And I expect to emerge as an early front-runner in the digital advertising game. Should all of my predictions hold true!


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