It’s a natural tendency for all parents to find, assess, compare and look deeper to make thorough enquiries before selecting anything for their children. The research is all the deeper especially when it comes to decisions that influence the children’s academics and upbringing.

Selecting the right kind of school, curriculum and the other co curricular activities offered safety and security measures maintained by the school, the system of communication between parents, students and the school, pastoral care and a holistic development…. All this is considered along with other personal preferences like level of discipline or liberalism, access to technology and career guidance etc.

All parents want their children to avail of the best of opportunities and academic excellence. There is an unending list of boarding schools in Maharashtra, and selecting one school with the curriculum and all other details is quite a talk. .

Does it seem like a hard nut to crack?

Yes, it is a pretty tedious task; therefore this post can help you understand what you must keep in mind while selecting the boarding school in Mumbai.

#1 Check And Analyze The Academic Curriculum offered and if it is the right one for your child

There are many schools and they offer a wide variety of curricula as a parent it is important for you to understand why your child must study at IBDP Schools near Pune or any other school. You must understand the teaching pedagogy and the subjects offered how it will influence your child’s university application and preparations. To understand the benefits of IB you may connect with the Admissions Office at CVSL.

#2 Reputation And Background

The reputation of the selected international boarding schools Pune must be considered as well. You must consider the school’s background from its foundation to its alumni and in accordance with making the final nod of selecting the right boarding schools near Pune.

#3 Extracurricular Activities

Yes! A child’s overall development is not just measured by the academics, but the extracurricular activities as well. Understand how the International Residential school Mumbai, is able to offer the cultural background and sports activities, to furnish the umbrella of extracurricular activities. This ensures a holistic development, boosting the self confidence and the child’s profile.

Along with this you must also read into the fine lines like the Pastoral Care and the overall wellbeing policy applied at school. The safety and security along with the cyber safety policies practiced at the school.

These are some of the basic yet significant aspects, which must be taken into strong consideration, before making picking a boarding school. however to narrow down this tedious process, I would like to recommend one of top-notch IGCSE boarding schools in Pune – CVSL- The Cathedral Vidya School, Lonavala.

CVSL is known for its unmatchable knowledge, educational standards and co-curricular activities, infrastructure, work culture, and environment, amongst the other facilities provided. Call +91 9923756950 +91 8007221100 or visit [email protected] to reach the Admissions Office.


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