Tips to be Followed After Getting Facial Done


Whether there is a wedding party or a special occasion, a lot of women and girls like to have facials. Many women believe that girls must have at least one facial at least once a month after the age of 30. Due to facial is, skin tanning removes and dead skin cells are removed, making the skin look fresh and beautiful. The time after 1-2 days of facial is important. There are many things, which if you do after facial is, and then it increases the risk of the reaction on the skin. You should also avoid these tasks after having facials.

Do not use soap or face wash on face for at least 4 hours after facial. Using soap can cause skin reactions and facial skin can get worse. If mouth washing is very important, then light water can be sprayed. Also, do not rub the face but use a soft towel with light hands.

Do not be in the sunlight on that day at least after having facial done. In fact, after facial, all the pores of the face are opened. If you go to the sun, then due to the reaction on the skin the skin can be red and the rash can emerge.

Do not scrub for at least 3-4 days after facial. In fact, the face of the dirt and pollution on the skin of the face after the facial is exhausted. After this, it takes 2-3 days for new tissue to be formed. In such a case, if you scrub, you can peel the face and get rid of it. Anyway the skin remains clean for at least one week after facial and it does not have to scrub.

Many times people keep using different types of facial masks even after having facials. They cause damage to the face. So do not have any masks on face for at least one week after having facials. Masks will eliminate the glows of your facials.

Threading after facial can also give you many problems. After faces the skin becomes very soft with open pores. In this case, if you do threading, then it keeps the skin from scratching or cutting. If you have to do both facials and threading, first get threaded and then have facials. It would be good to keep a gap of 2 days, or you may have a slight irritation in the threaded part during the facials.

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