What are Sesame Seeds (Til) and Where they can be Used?


Sesame seeds are very important in Indian cuisine. By eating sesame in the winter season, the body gets energy and also remains active. Many types of proteins, calcium, B complex and carbohydrate etc. are found in sesame seeds. Taking away the sesame leads to stress and lacks mental impairment. Apart from this, sesame has also been used to maintain beauty from ancient times. There are three types of sesame – black, white and red. The use of red sesame is reduced. Sesame oil is also very beneficial. Let us tell you about the medicinal properties of sesame seeds.

Beneficial in hemorrhoids

By taking regular sesame seeds, the old piles also get cured from the old ones. Daily having piles problems

Smash two teaspoons of black sesame per day and drink cold water after that.

Keep blood circulation right

Due to the sesame oil being thick, this oil is easily found in the skin after massage where it gets nourishment from the skin inside. Regular massage of sesame oil makes blood circulation correct and repair damaged cells.

Anti-bacterial Sesame seeds

Due to the anti-bacterial properties present in the sesame, it fixes any kind of wound soon. Apart from this, relaxes in any inflammation and also helps to remove skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. Apart from this, sesame is also used on burning. Mixing it with the country ghee and camphor at the burnt spot, it is beneficial to apply it on a burnt place.

Beneficial for children

If your child pits while sleeping, you do not have to worry. Because sesame you can get rid of this problem. For this, mix roasted black sesame seeds with jaggery and make them laddo. The child should feed this laddoo every night before sleeping; the child will not piss while sleeping.

Remove mental impairment

Sesame oil is also called as Til in Hindi. Protein, calcium and B complex are found in very high quantities in sesame seeds. The need for calcium is met by eating about fifty grams of sesame per day. Mental impairment and stress is overcome with sesame intake.

Some Other benefits and uses of Sesame seeds (Til):

  1. Sesame benefits for constipation. After constipation, fry 50 grams of sesame seeds and take it, take sugar in it and eat it. Constipation is removed from this.
  2. Eating sesame cough after coughing cough will be cured. Dry cough is also removed by drinking sesame seeds and sugar candy in water and drinking it.
  3. Chew teaspoon black sesame on the stomach and drink lukewarm water from above. By doing this the stomach pain will be cured.
  4. If there is pain in the ear, fry three-four buds of garlic in sesame oil. Put two or three drops of that oil in the ear, the pain of the ear will be cured.
  5. By adding asafoetida and ginger, massaging the sesame oil heated, the disease of the waist, joint pain, and paralysis becomes cured.
  6. If you have a blister in the mouth, add a little rock salt in sesame oil and apply it in the mouth ulcers, it will cure mouth ulcers.
  7. Applying rock salt and wax in hot sesame oil on sliced ankles is beneficial.
  8. Grind sesame seeds and mix them with butter and apply them on the face regularly, the face color fades.
  9. For acne, grinding sesame on the face and mixing it with butter, the face’s acne also ends up at some extent.


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