What are the Benefits of Opening a School Franchise over an Independent Venture?


Opening a school is a great way to do some good tothe society, and even earn handsome profits. Also, it is your entry into entrepreneurship. But school business comes with its own set of challenges. Now, if you want to reduce the burden of managing a school entirely on your own, franchise school is what you need to look into. When we talk about the benefits of opening a franchise school over an independent venture, there are three aspects that we need to consider, as follows:

  • The Brand: A strong, positive, reputed, and established brand is one of the biggest advantages of owning a franchise school. For an independent venture, it would be extremely difficult to build a brand name all by yourself. Taking the success to a level where your school will be recognized and popular is a tough task to achieve. A great brand has a positive value from the customer’s point of view. Remember, whatever the investment you make in the franchise school, it is for the fact that it already has brand recognition. The franchisor has already invested ideally and developed the school.
  • Franchise Leverage: With a franchise school, you can leverage economies of scale effectively. This would not be possible with an independent venture. Take, for instance, the marketing strategy. For an independent school, you will have to invest huge amounts just for the marketing purpose alone. But, with a franchise school, you will end up spending less on its marketing, since it already has brand recognition and brand value. Also, since the franchise school offers readymade solutions, your cost of investment reduces considerably while your profit margins increase manifolds.
  • The System: A franchise module offers everything that is used to operate the business in a standard and repeatable fashion. From the initial setup and training to the on-going best practices, they have a pre-designed module that drives continuous success in the school business. In an independent venture, there is no guarantee of success. You have to source your own business model, and try &experiment to make it work.

Shri Educare – Excellent Providers of a Franchise School

When starting a franchise school, it is necessary that you have the franchisor as an excellent support system. Shri Educare is that perfect franchisor that provides assistance right from initial plan conceptualization to the continued school management support. With Shri Educare, be ready to open your dream school!


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