Why almonds should be considered in daily diet?


Almond milk is also made, which is a delicious drink and the option of less nutritious cow’s milk. This is the key to the almonds that the child and the child are aware of. Given the quality of almonds for the health of the brain, it is considered “the best diet” for the brain. Vitamin E present in it not only enhances the alertness of the brain but also helps in preventing cognitive decline and also preserves your memory. Not only this, almonds have zinc too rich in mothers that protects brain cells from harmful attacks and helps in repairing Vitamin B6 brain cells found in it. Phenylalanine helps in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease and the production of brain chemicals such as dopamine and adrenaline. These chemicals are important for meditation and memory. So eat a handful of almonds daily and increase the intensity of your brain

Extracts from many nutrients, almonds are also extremely helpful in weight loss. By consuming just a little of it, your stomach gets filled and you avoid excessive eating, because of the presence of zinc and vitamin B because of your low intake of sugar. According to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, those who eat 1.5 ounces of almonds regularly for four weeks regularly, their weight has been found to be very good.

Almonds medicinal properties ban on birth defects – A pregnant woman can also consume it. Almond contains folic acid, which makes the child who is having a positive effect and prevents it from occurring in the disorders or birth defects. Women who eat almonds during pregnancy decrease their chances of nTD (neural tube defect) in their infant. Pregnant women should include almonds in their diet. If you are pregnant, then be sure to take it for good health of your baby

Almonds properties are given relief by constipation because almonds are rich in fiber; they not only relieve constipation but also defend against constipation. By consuming it reduces the chances of colon cancer to a great extent. Due to having good quantity of oil content, it is also a capable treatment for irritation of the chest. You have to eat 4-5 almonds daily and you have to drink lots of water daily to keep constipation away.

Two nutrients are essential for bone health – both phosphorus and calcium, and almonds are contained in good quantities. It also contains magnesium, manganese and potassium, which is important for healthy and strong bones. To avoid diseases related to osteoporosis and other bone, eat whole almonds daily or drink milk with almonds. Massage of small children’s almond oil strengthens their bones.

Almond not only keeps the skin from freezing, beautiful, young and wrinkles, but it also enhances the color of the skin. Sunburn and other skin-related disorders can also be reduced by massage of skin by its oil. The good thing is that massage with almond oil does not make your skin tone or pimples.

An almond is a great solution for many hair problems, whether it is hair loss or dandruff. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, biotin, manganese, copper, fatty acids, and nutrients favorable for hair. Zinc contained in almonds enhances the renewal of new cells, protects the hair from falling and contributes to make it strong and thick. Massaging your oil with your hair is golden and long.


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