Why Sunglasses are a must-have in your essentials?

dog in sunglasses

Eyes are priceless and are also very sensitive, due to high sunlight; eye-catching ultraviolet radiation can damage them, it is important to use good quality sunglasses to avoid this.

Sunglasses should be a must-have in summers: UV radiation is three times higher in summer compared to winter. So summer starts feeling the need for sunglasses as soon as it starts. Ultraviolet rays affect the eyes in a strong sunshine. In such a way, sunglasses are considered useful to protect the eyes from the problems caused by sunlight and dangerous UV rays. But many people go out in a strong sunlight and without taking glasses on the eyes in the scorching sunlight, complaints like burning irritation in the eyes, falling water, chasing the head, chewing and jumping. Sunglasses are not only fashionable but they are also considered important in terms of eye health. Let’s learn why wearing sunglasses are necessary in the sunny season.

Save Retina: Sunglasses work to protect the eye retina from the deadly harmful UV rays coming out of the sun. Due to the bright sunlight, adverse impact of eye light can damage the retina. Eyes are kept safe using sunglasses. Therefore, whenever you go out of the house, do not forget to apply it to protect your eyes.

Protect cornea: The sun’s ultraviolet rays on the excrement of sunlight become tear cells that are formed on the eyes, i.e., the skin of eye begin to break or become damaged. And it can be harmful to the cornea. That is, cornea of ​​the eye also causes as much damage to the UV rays as much as Retina has. But wearing dark glasses while going to the sunlight can save you this problem.

Keep upper eyelids safe: The outer layer of the lower and upper eyelids of the eyes is called conjunctiva, it is a very sensitive part in your eyes. When this inhibition occurs in the sun, it starts to be itchy. In this, viral, bacterial and allergic infections are called conjunctivitis. That is why it is very important to wear sunglasses to cover it while going to the sun.

Caution while choosing Sunglasses

While taking sunglasses, it is important to take two things specially. First, the size of the glasses is large and the other one is good quality. That is, they provide complete protection from UV rays. Use sunglasses until the scratch or blurry comes in the mirror. In the same way, light shades in light cannot protect the eyes properly. The color of the lens should be chosen in such a way that the eyes can be protected from the sun.


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