Why You need to eat Organic Food

Why You need to eat Organic Food-min

Organic food and its various aspects are the subjects of intense debate. But “going organic” is more than just adopting chemical- and pesticide-free farming practices. It’s a conscious lifestyle change, that has the great positive potential for individuals as well as Mother Nature.

Children living in areas with high pesticide use are at great risk of health effects because of their high susceptibility to pesticides. In 1998, a groundbreaking study by Elizabeth Guillette published in Environmental Health Perspectives showed the severe developmental effects of pesticides on children in an agricultural area of Mexico. The full text of this study including the innovative methodology used is available here.

Why Did You need to eat Organic Food?

Let us first understand the fake foods, or “food-like substances. They are not ‘real foods’ that Mother Nature meant for us to eat—they are the factory-processed stuff with chemicals, heated up to high temperatures during processing which kills all useful enzymes in them, and packaged with more preservative chemicals to have a long shelf-life in supermarkets. The best real foods are organic too, not doused in pesticides or grown with artificial fertilizers.

More Nutritious

The findings were from a review of 343 studies on organic nutrition, and data showed organic foods, on average, contained more antioxidants

Better Taste

Organic food is allowed to ripen naturally to perfection. This difference is evident in the taste of organic produce. As for organic meat, the lower fat content provides a better flavor as well.

Reduce Pollution and Save Energy

As discussed, organic farming does not use synthetic pesticides. This reduces chemical contamination of ground water and the environment. In findings from

While dietary contamination is a source for pesticide exposure and organic agriculture is critical to reducing this, it is paramount that we also consider all sources of pesticide exposure for children. We must also advocate for pesticide free schools, parks, buildings, and private lawns.


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