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Guidelines for writing Content

  1. What is the article about? Sum up the main point or argument of the blog in a few of sentences with keywords; try to complete this in first paragraph.
  2. Explain your own Review or focus about the product you are writing.
  3. Check out the website that your topic is not present there.
  4. Include necessary facts and statistics wherever good.
  5. Stick to the topic with word limit i.e., 500 words minimum. If the article is too short, we can reject it and ask you to re-submit it.
  6. Keep your sentences short and to-the-point as it helps the readers in getting the advice without any complexity.
  7. We don’t mind if you add hyperlinks for your Statistics or Research for double checking.
  8. The pricing will be free for a Nofollow link and 15$ for Dofollow link.

No Duplicate Content Submission

We don’t want content that is present in Google snippet or spinned with some tool. You must not copy the submitted content in any manner. We want you to share your experiences and tips on Lifestyle, Fashion, Health and Fitness, Recipes and Travel, Trending or Religion. You can also share some news with us. If you want to write for us, don’t just tell us you’re interested in contributing; send us a mail at [email protected].

Advantages of being with us

  1. For more Exposure and Online Presence to build brand reputation.
  2. For Credibility.
  3. Reputation Building Opportunities which brings more traffic.
  4. Helps your posts to get more recognition.
  5. Social Media Growth.
  6. Networking.
  7. Tap to turn the money on table your side.

Submit with us

If you accept the above rules and conditions then

Drop me a mail: [email protected]

Email Subject: – Guest post for Useful Updates

Name:- Your Complete Name

Blog:- Your Blog name or URL.

Social Links: – A link to your Facebook Account/page, Twitter account, LinkedIn or any other popular Social Networking sites.

Then attach your Article with Image/Video links in a Word .DOC file and send it to the above specified Email address. Also, it would be better if you can give us the Meta Title and Description.